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 Electrolysis Corrosion Kontrol

  • 3.7 oz. tube
  • ECK is the only patented corrosion coating proven to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion.
  • ECK corrosion coating must be applied between all dissimilar metals.
  • Protects aluminum & stainless steel against electrolytic reaction.
  • Isolates dissimilar metals.
  • Contains Anti-seizing lubricant for threads.
  • Won’t harm paint!
  • Dielectric for use on electrical connections.
  • Seals out moisture.
  • Petroleum based, contains NO silicone.
  • MadeInUSA

    Order No. Description Packaging Std. Carton
    PM-ECK-T Electrolysis Corrosion Inhibitor Mfg. Pack 24

    Order Number PM-ECK-T
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    PM-ECK-T Image

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